Ellen Whitaker GBR and Antonio Mariñas ESP are always looking for horse owners or potential horse owners to join the team. Horse owners are an extremely necessary and important part of our sport. Ellen and Antonio both have a lot of experience producing young horses to jump at the highest level of the sport. They have both represented there countries in major championships numerous times. And successfully competed on Nations Cup Teams, World Cups, Global Champions Tour and major Grand Prixs all over the world. Ellen being ranked inside the top 30 in the world for the majority of her career. Being a horse owner can be an investment. We can take horses in, produce them and sell them for our investors and partners. And for others it’s the pleasure of traveling around the world watching there horse and rider compete against the worlds best. And being part of an amazing sport and a successful team at some of the worlds most beautiful and prestigious venues. We are continuously looking for sponsorship opportunities so we can help each other strengthen our businesses. We have been working alongside the following companies for 12 years plus and thoroughly believe in them and their products. They play a massive part in our team and their support is invaluable. Possible representatives: Ellen Whitaker, Antonio Mariñas, Mariñas Whitaker Equestrian.